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 Welcome to the Japanese 5S Housekeeping (Good Workplace Organization) home page of my site! This is the place to welcome Japanese 5S Housekeeping people and companies like you. I am Mr Soh Beng Hock (BH Soh) a Freelancer and Independent since 1997. I have been and ISO ACT since 1992! What is ACT? It is an acronym for Auditor, Consultant and Trainer.

About my business: Japanese 5S Housekeeping is the first step and now acknowledged as the Foundation for your company to start with on the Improvement Journey and all types of Management System programmes. The most basic concept to begin, without having to go for the certification as all improvements can be seen visually!

About my product: Why not ask for help to design your In-House Training materials and handbook to promote Japanese 5S Housekeeping Awareness for all staff?

About my services: As a qualified and registered IRCA UK member (International Register of Certificated Auditors), IEMA UK member (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) the ACT services are available anytime to help your company (A-Auditing, C-Consulting, T-Training).

About myself: IRCA UK registered, IEMA UK registered, Trained in Sweden in Advanced ISO 14000 (March 1999), ISO ACT since 1992 (17 years in year 2009), Past ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 certification auditor for at least 9 certification bodies (Eg: CIS UK in Singapore, URS UK in Singapore, BM Trada UK in Malaysia, AOQC Moody in Malaysia, LGA Germany, PSB / PSB TUV SUD in Singapore, ACS in Malaysia, SMR In Korea, DQS Germany, etc).


 TIJ Consultants Singapore & TIJ Consultants Sdn Bhd

A. TIJ Consultants Singapore (Singapore) 

Anytime in ISO 9000 QMS ACT, ISO 14000 EMS ACT and 5S ACT in Singapore (Auditing, Consulting, Training). See my profile: * DOWNLOAD: SBH - EXECUTIVE PROFILE of SOH BENG HOCK.doc

B. TIJ Consultants Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

Anytime in ISO 9000 QMS ACT, ISO 14000 EMS ACT and 5S ACT in Malaysia (Auditing, Consulting, Training). See my profile: * DOWNLOAD: SBH - Engage SME Expert Advisory Panel Rev B.pdf


Freelance / Independent - anyone can join!

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